Neuroscience - Minor

A minor in Neuroscience is considered an interdisciplinary minor with course selections in the Departments of Biology, Psychology, Philosophy and Veterinary Integrative Biosciences. Please be aware that each course selection may have prerequisite requirements that must be met.

To apply for admission to the Minor in Neuroscience, students must visit the Neuroscience Advising Office during walk-in hours. A Minor Approval Form will be completed and must be signed by the NRSC academic advisor and then submitted to your major advisor. The minor must be declared before the student has completed 95 hours.

The coursework listed represents various sub-disciplines within the field of Neuroscience and would give the student an overall knowledge base fitting a minor in Neuroscience. No grade below a C is acceptable to meet minor requirements.

Select from the following:15
Introduction to Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience
Introduction to Neuroscience
Special Topics in...
Psychology of Animal Behavior
Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
Biology of Psychological Disorders
Drugs and Behavior
Psychology of Learning
Science of Mind and Brain
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Developmental Neurotoxicology
Core Ideas in Neuroscience
Regulatory and Behavioral Neuroscience
Hormones and Behavior
Mammalian Functional Neuroanatomy
Directed Studies
Special Topics in…
Philosophy of Mind
Principles of Animal Physiology
Laboratory for Regulatory and Behavioral Neuroscience
Total Semester Credit Hours15

The minor must be declared before the student has completed 95 credit hours.

Student must make a grade of C or better.

No more than 6 credit hours can be counted toward both the Neuroscience Minor and the student's major(s). Hours cannot be counted towards both the Neuroscience Minor and an additional minor.

A total of 6 hours of directed research (485/491) may be counted toward the minor. Directed studies may be conducted with any member of the faculty of Neuroscience. Research experiences must be approved by the NRSC faculty mentor.