Communication, Diversity and Social Justice - Certificate

The Communication, Diversity, and Social Justice Certificate, offered through the Department of Communication, gives students and in-depth understanding of how communication intersects with issues of diversity and prepares students for a lifetime of successful communication practices in our diverse world. The certificate is grounded in a larger concern with social justice issues, with coursework emphasizing issues of power, privilege, and difference.

COMM 343Communication and Cultural Discourse3
COMM 487Communication, Diversity and Social Justice Capstone Experience0
Select 9 hours from9
Difficult Dialogues on Power, Privilege, and Difference
Communication, Religion and the Arts
Communication Law and Policy
Intercultural Communication
Critical Race Discourse
Media, Culture and Identity
International Communication
Media and the Middle East
Gender, Race and Media
Gender and Communication
Rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement
Women’s Rhetoric
Rhetoric of Social Movements
Activism and Communication
The Rhetoric of Gender and Health