Communication and Global Media - Certificate

The Communication and Global Media Certificate (CGMC), is offered by the Department of Communication, and is designed to provide students with an understanding of a communication perspective on the impact of media in a global context. Global media examines the flow of information and culture in political, religious and social contexts and across industries. From the development of new media and digital technologies to the influence that media plays in the development of polices, laws and changes to the everyday lives of the people involved, global media studies the messages that influence unseen audiences around the world. Global media careers include international journalism, social justice reform, international trade and commerce, and world-wide travel. The CGMC prepares students for understanding the growth and impact of communication and global media in a variety of similar contexts.  An international internship, study abroad or internship in an international concern is required. Specific certificate requirements are available in the Office of Undergraduate Advising of the Department of Communication. Details are also available on the Department of Communication website.

The CGMC requires designated courses and completion of a global internship or approved experience. Students must earn a grade of B or better in each course used to meet the requirements. Students who pursue the CGMC must complete all requirements prior to graduation.

COMM 365/JOUR 365International Communication3
COMM 458/JOUR 458Global Media3
COMM 4880
Select two of the following:6
Technology and Human Communication
Intercultural Communication
Media Industries
Money, Power and Communication
Media Audiences
Cultural Studies of Communication Technology
Other courses approved by CGMC committee for prescribed electives.
Total Semester Credit Hours12