Liberal Arts Honors - Minor

This minor will allow talented students the opportunity to craft a coherent and challenging program by utilizing at least four distinct Liberal Arts disciplines, as well as requiring significant investment in upper-level liberal arts coursework to include research or independent study as a capstone experience.

The minor is designed to ensure that students, in consultation with their honors advisor, will be able to create a minor that will expose them to an intelligent and well-conceived liberal arts experience, giving students a breadth and depth of experience in the liberal artsĀ 

For the vast majority of minors the upper-level requirement is normally 9 hours. This minor requires students to complete 12 hours at the upper level from different departments. That would presuppose a superior acquisition of knowledge already acquired in different disciplines, particularly as many of our 300- and 400-level courses have required prerequisites. The capstone experience of research or independent study ensures that students will be able not only to acquire a better understanding of a cross-disciplinary liberal arts approach, but to apply it in practice as well as theory.

Minimum of 18 hours of Honors Liberal Arts courses.

At least 12 hours must be at the 300- and 400-level approved by a College Honors advisor.

3 hours of a departmental capstone 485, 491, or 497 CLLA course. Must be approved by a College Honors advisor.

Courses must come from a minimum of four separate CLLA departments.

Must maintain a 3.50 or higher GPA.