Leadership Study and Development - Certificate

In alignment with the mission and values of Texas A&M University and the Corps of Cadets, the Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership (HCEL) offers a comprehensive collection of programs in character and leadership development. HCEL programs enhance participants’ capacities to be value-adding leaders in both the public and private sectors of the global workforce.  Although initially designed for cadets not pursuing a military commission, HCEL programs are now available to all cadets and other Texas A&M University undergraduate students.  Participating students hone their leadership skills through a rigorous progression of academic leadership courses, application of leadership experiences within the Corps and broader Texas A&M community, and the creation of a personal Individual Leadership Development Plan.  Additional emphasis is given to the intentional development of career readiness competencies of critical thinking, teamwork, professionalism, oral/written communication, career management, digital technology, leadership, and global/intercultural fluency. The science and art of leadership, along with the career readiness competencies, can be learned, developed, and improved. The four-class system in the Corps of Cadets offers an excellent framework for progressive advancement in these areas. The HCEL capitalizes on that framework by creating ongoing opportunities for participants to discover and synthesize personal meaning from their academic and extracurricular experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

SOMS 380Workshop in Leadership Education 11
SOMS 481Seminar in Executive Leadership 11
Select from the following:8
Survey of Leadership Theory
Team Learning
Public Leadership Development
Business Learning Community I
Mays Business Fellows I
Group Communication and Discussion
Ethics and Engineering
HIST 403
International Management
The Quality Process in Distribution
Ethics and Leadership in Distribution
Ropes Course and Group Process
Managing People in Organizations
Advanced Concepts in Organizational Behavior
Leadership Development
Managing People and Projects in a Technological Society
Contemporary Moral Issues
Military Ethics
Workshop in Leadership Education
Seminar in Executive Leadership
Women in Politics
Total Semester Credit Hours12