University Studies - BS, Science for Secondary Teaching Concentration

The BS in University Studies, Science for Secondary Teaching area of concentration consists of courses that give students desiring secondary-school teaching credentials a solid foundation in life, earth and physical sciences. In particular, the courses chosen encompass the science composite areas test by the State of Texas and TExES. These are the courses currently required for the science composite certificate.

ATMO 201Weather and Climate 13
ASTR 101
ASTR 102
Basic Astronomy
and Observational Astronomy 1
CHEM 119Fundamentals of Chemistry I4
CHEM 120Fundamentals of Chemistry II4
PHYS 202College Physics 14
Select one of the following: 14
College Physics
Newtonian Mechanics for Engineering and Science
and Physics of Motion Laboratory for the Sciences
Select one of the following: 14
Planet Earth
and Planet Earth Lab
Principles of Geology
and Principles of Geology Laboratory
Select twelve hours from the following: 112
Chordate Anatomy
Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Plants and People
Invertebrate Zoology
Critical Writing in Biology
Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis
and Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
Quantitative Analysis
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry of Environmental Pollution
Analytical Chemistry
Pattern and Process in Biogeography
Natural Hazards
Coastal Processes
Mineral Resources
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Integrated Earth Science
Introduction to Geological Field Methods
Planetary Geology
Principles of Geological Writing
GNSS in the Geosciences
Environmental Geology
University and College Requirements
ATMO 202Weather and Climate Laboratory1
BIOL 111Introductory Biology I4
BIOL 112Introductory Biology II4
POLS 206American National Government 23
POLS 207State and Local Government 23
Select one of the following:4
Engineering Mathematics I
Calculus I for Biological Sciences
Analytic Geometry and Calculus
Select one of the following:4
Engineering Mathematics II
Calculus II for Biological Sciences
Select one of the following:3
Understanding Special Populations
Foundations of Education in a Multicultural Society
Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
American history6
Creative arts3
Language, philosophy and culture (with an ENGL prefix)3
Minor 115-18
Minor 215-18
General Electives 31-7
Total Semester Credit Hours120