University Studies Degrees

The University Studies Degree provides students the flexibility to combine areas of study that are of special interest. The combination of courses may not be possible through existing degree plans. This flexibility may be attractive to students who have particular career paths or post-baccalaureate degree paths in mind.

A University Studies Degree consists of a concentration of 21-24 hours and two minors of 15-18 hours each and requires 120 hours for completion. One of the two minors must be completed in a college outside of the college that provides the concentration for the student’s degree.  A University Studies major will be considered a student in the college that offers the concentration and will receive academic advising services from that college. The student’s diploma will list Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in University Studies.

Information on specific University Studies degree programs is listed with individual colleges.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University Galveston Campus