International Certificate in Cultural Competency and Communications in Spanish

Students who complete this certificate will be functionally bilingual and able to perform linguistically in a culturally sensitive manner within the biomedical environment. A required study abroad will allow students to gain experiential knowledge, expanding their cultural sensitivities and functionality in a foreign environment. Because of limited resources, the program will have a cap on the number of students admitted. All courses in the program must be completed with a grade of C or better. The certificate will be awarded upon completion of a BS degree in Biomedical Sciences.  


To earn the certificate, students are required to complete:

SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I 13
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II 13
SPAN 300/SPAN 400 level course of the student’s choice 23
3 credit hours of area studies from an approved course list 33
Minimum of 2 credit hours in a medical communications Area 42
BIMS 485 52
An international experience approved by the Biomedical Sciences Program 6
Total Semester Credit Hours16