Doctor of Dental Surgery

The program leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) is designed to develop broadly competent practitioners and encourages both clinical and basic science research in order to instill an appreciation of biomedical research and a spirit of inquiry in each student. The college recognizes the need to support excellence in its educational programs by acquiring and maintaining a highly qualified faculty and students, excellent physical facilities and a competency-based curriculum that is contemporary, comprehensive and efficient. The program in Dentistry is a four year curriculum leading to the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

College of Dentistry Admission Information

The College of Dentistry is a synergistic environment where students learn life lessons -- in addition to dental medicine -- from a diverse patient population. These patients help prepare students for the real-life challenges and opportunities awaiting them upon graduation.

Since its founding, the college has graduated more than 9,000 dentists and dental hygienists. The college is known internationally for producing excellent clinicians. More than half of all the dentists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area received their dental education at the college, and nearly one-third of all dentists in Texas are Texas A&M University College of Dentistry graduates.

Our Mission

The College of Dentistry shapes the future of dentistry by developing exemplary clinicians, educators and scientists.  We improve oral health by caring for the needs of a diverse community; seeking innovations in science, education and health care delivery; and serving as leaders in health professions education.

Our Vision

Following a century of excellence, the College of Dentistry will continue to be a leader in dental education by:

  • Educating exemplary clinicians who deliver evidence- based care.
  • Fostering translational and clinical research to improve patient care and delivery.
  • Providing high quality service to students, patients, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public.
  • Increasing access to dental care through cultural competence, diversity and community based care.

The Integrated Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The College of Dentistry offers an integrated dental and graduate research program leading to the awarding of a DDS and a PhD in Oral Biology. A dual-degree program has been available for over 15 years.

Admission Requirements DDS/PhD

Admission into this combined program requires that the applicant be accepted into the DDS program first, and then make a separate application to the PhD in Oral Biology program. The applicant completes the forms, including additional information on the areas of research interest, academic background, GRE scores, and prerequisite courses, academic honors, research experiences, and the names of three referees. Recommendation forms are specifically designed with questions on the applicant’s scholarly aptitude, including intellectual, problem-solving, and creative skills. The style of questions resembles that used on National Institute of Health/National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIH/NIDCR) Career Development applications. Applicants use Apply Texas, which is an all-inclusive site for graduate programs in the State of Texas. Selected applicants will be interviewed by the Oral Biology Graduate Program Director. Applicants must be accepted into both degree programs (DDS and PhD). For more information, go to Graduate Program in Oral Biology and see the section The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in this catalog.

Professional Curriculum

The professional curriculum in dental surgery is a four-year program.

Plan of Study Grid
First YearSemester Credit Hours
DDDS 6510 Biochemistry/Cell and Molecular Biology 3
DDDS 6520 Cariology and Prevention 1.5
DDDS 6540 Dental Anatomy 2
DDDS 6543 Dental Anatomy-C 2
DDDS 6600 General Histology 3
DDDS 6640 Gross Anatomy 6
DDDS 6660 Growth and Development 1.5
DDDS 6690 Human Behavior in Dentistry 0.5
DDDS 6724 Introduction to Clinical Practice I-C 0.5
DDDS 6730 Introductory Ethics and Academic Integrity 0.5
DDDS 6740 Immunology 1
DDDS 6850 Cultural Competence in Dental Health Care and Education 0.5
DDDS 6860 Introduction to Evidence Based Dentistry and Clinical Research 2.5
 Semester Credit Hours24.5
DDDS 6580 Dental Materials 1
DDDS 6770 Neuroscience 1.5
DDDS 6800 Occlusion 1
DDDS 6804 Occlusion - C 1
DDDS 6820 Oral Histology 2
DDDS 6840 Operative Dentistry 1
DDDS 6844 Operative Dentistry - C 2
DDDS 6870 Physiology 5.5
DDDS 6880 General Pathology 4
 Semester Credit Hours19
Second Year
DDDS 7173 Oral Radiography - C 0.5
 Semester Credit Hours0.5
DDDS 7040 Fixed Prosthodontics 3
DDDS 7044 Fixed Prosthodontics - C 4
DDDS 7080 Introduction to Clinical Pratice II 1
DDDS 7084 Introduction to Clinical Practice II-C 1.5
DDDS 7100 Operative Dentistry 1
DDDS 7104 Operative Dentistry - C 2
DDDS 7140 Preclinical Diagnostic Sciences II 1
DDDS 7170 Oral Radiology 2
DDDS 7270 Periodontics 2
DDDS 7274 Periodontics - C 1
DDDS 7290 Dental Pharmacology 2
DDDS 7350 Removable Prosthodontics 2
DDDS 7353 Removable Prosthodontics - C 4
DDDS 7400 Application of Evidence Based Dentistry I 0.5
 Semester Credit Hours27
DDDS 7010 Dental Auxiliary Utilization 0.5
DDDS 7020 Endodontics 1
DDDS 7024 Endodontics - C 1
DDDS 7120 Basic Principles and Techniques of Dentoalveolar Surgery 1
DDDS 7160 Oral Pathology 2
DDDS 7190 Preclinical Diagnostic Sciences II 1
DDDS 7210 Orthodontics 1
DDDS 7214 Orthodontics - C 1
DDDS 7230 Local Anesthesia / Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Conscious Sedation 1
DDDS 7250 Pediatric Dentistry 2
DDDS 7330 Patient Management 0.5
 Semester Credit Hours12
DDDS 7410 National Dental Board Part I Review 1
DDDS 7420 Microbiology 3
 Semester Credit Hours4
Third Year
DDDS 8004 Clinical Preventive Dentistry - C 0.5
DDDS 8034 Comprehensive Care Program - C 4
DDDS 8044 Dental Auxiliary Utilization - C 1
DDDS 8064 Endodontics – C 1
DDDS 8084 Fixed Prosthodontics - C 3
DDDS 8224 Operative Dentistry - C 3
DDDS 8244 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - C 1
DDDS 8264 Oral Diagnosis - C 1.5
DDDS 8304 Oral Radiography - C 0.5
DDDS 8324 Orthodontics - C 0.5
DDDS 8344 Pediatric Dentistry - C 1
DDDS 8364 Periodontics - C 2
DDDS 8404 Removable Prosthodontics - C 3
 Semester Credit Hours22
DDDS 8060 Endodontics 1
DDDS 8140 Behavioral Dentistry/Dental Public Health 1
DDDS 8160 Anesthesia in Dentistry 0.5
DDDS 8240 Advanced Principles and Techniques of Dentoalveolar Surgery 1
DDDS 8280 Clinical Principles of Patient Evaluation 2
DDDS 8320 Orthodontics 1
DDDS 8340 Pediatric Dentistry 1.5
DDDS 8370 Professional Ethics 1
DDDS 8380 Medical Pharmacology 1.5
 Semester Credit Hours10.5
DDDS 8180 Implant Dentistry 1
DDDS 8200 Occlusion 1
DDDS 8204 Occlusion – C 1
DDDS 8241 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Chronic Pain and Hospital Dentistry 1
DDDS 8360 Periodontics 1
DDDS 8600 Advanced Removable Prosthodontics 1
 Semester Credit Hours6
DDDS 8080 Fixed Prosthodontics 1.5
DDDS 8220 Operative Dentistry 1.5
DDDS 8400 Removable Prosthodontics 1.5
DDDS 8500 Office Medical Emergencies 0.5
DDDS 8610 Periodontics 0.5
 Semester Credit Hours5.5
Fourth Year
DDDS 9004 Clinical Services Assignment - C 4.5
DDDS 9044 General Dentistry - C 20
DDDS 9080 Community Dentistry Externship 0.5
 Semester Credit Hours25
DDDS 9070 Orthodontics 1
DDDS 9090 Pediatric Dentistry 1
DDDS 9110 Applied Pharmacology 1
DDDS 9120 Practice Administration 1
DDDS 9140 Professional Ethics and Dental Jurisprudence 0.5
DDDS 9190 Advanced Principles of Patient Evaluation 1
DDDS 9240 National Board Dental Exam Part II Review 1
DDDS 9250 Managing Cultural Issues in Patience Care 0.5
 Semester Credit Hours7
DDDS 9160 Senior Seminar 1
 Semester Credit Hours1
DDDS 9030 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Seminar 1
DDDS 9040 Advancements in Techniques and Materials 1.5
DDDS 9200 Comprehensive Care for the Medically Compromised and Special Needs Patients 0.5
DDDS 9210 Advanced Technologies in General Dentistry 0.5
DDDS 9230 Advanced Endodontics Concepts 0.5
 Semester Credit Hours4
 Total Semester Credit Hours168