Dental Hygiene - BS

Length: 2 years
General Admissions Requirements: 60 semester hours college coursework including core courses for BS degree
Application Deadline: January 5 of the year of anticipated entrance into the program.
Start Term: Fall
Specialization, Program of Study: Dental Hygiene
Degree: BS

Coursework totaling 60 semester credit hours, including core courses for BS degree.

Third Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
DDHS 3110Introduction To Dentistry 1
DDHS 3120Dental Anatomy 2
DDHS 3160Preclinical Dental Hygiene 6
DDHS 3220Oral Radiology
DDHS 3250Biomedical Sciences I 5
DDHS 3425Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 2.5
 Term Semester Credit Hours16.5
DDHS 3020Theory of Dental Hygiene Practice I 2
DDHS 3220Oral Radiology 2
DDHS 3340Biomedical Sciences II 4
DDHS 3310Health Education and Behavioral Science 1
DDHS 3410Introduction to Pathology 1
DDHS 3325Microbiology 2.5
DDHS 3530Applied Dental Materials 3
DDHS 3830Clinical Dental Hygiene I 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours18.5
DDHS 4110Medical Emergencies 1
DDHS 4220Comprehensive Care Seminar 12
DDHS 4310Oral Radiography 11
DDHS 4510Pediatric Dentistry 1
DDHS 4820Clinical Dental Hygiene II 2
 Term Semester Credit Hours7
Fourth Year
DDHS 4015Pharmacology 1.5
DDHS 4025Oral Pathology 2.5
DDHS 4110Medical Emergencies 1
DDHS 4140Clinical Dental Hygiene III 4
DDHS 4210Professional Ethics 1
DDHS 4220Comprehensive Care Seminar
DDHS 4310Oral Radiography (continued) 1
DDHS 4410Gerontology 1
DDHS 4530Public and Community Health
DDHS 4610Periodontics 1
DDHS 4620Theory of Dental Hygiene Practice II 2
DDHS 4715Research Methods 1.5
 Term Semester Credit Hours14.5
DDHS 4010National Board Review 1
DDHS 4220Comprehensive Care Seminar
DDHS 4240Clinical Dental Hygiene IV 4
DDHS 4310Oral Radiography (continued) 1
DDHS 4320Perspectives in Dental Hygiene 2
DDHS 4530Public and Community Health 3
DDHS 4710Applied Research Methods 1
DDHS 4810Local Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation 1
 Term Semester Credit Hours12
 Total Semester Credit Hours: 68.5

Scheduled by course director