Nursing - BSN, RN to BSN Track

The RN to BSN track is an opportunity for registered nurses who hold an associate’s degree in nursing from an accredited college or will have an A.D.N. degree conferred prior to the entry date. Applicants must hold a current, unencumbered license to practice in the State of Texas. Students may complete the 30 credit hour upper division course of study as either a full-time or a part-time student. The RN to BSN plan allows working nurses to balance career, education and other responsibilities. All applicants are required to complete prerequisite credit hours as noted above along with any outstanding core curriculum courses in order to receive the bachelor’s degree.

Entry to the RN to BSN  (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program

Those who are already a registered nurse with an associate’s degree may apply for the RN to BSN program to obtain a bachelor’s degree. All applicants are expected to complete prerequisite coursework prior to the first class day. The course instruction is delivered online allowing students to balance career, family and other responsibilities along with advancing their education. Students may choose to complete the curriculum in 3 semesters (1-year option), in 4 semesters (1 1/2-year option) or in 5 semesters (2-year option). Applicants who completed their Associate Degree in Nursing through an LVN to RN or Paramedic to RN bridge program must have earned a minimum of 35 transferable credits in their program in order to apply.

NURS 460Nursing Dimensions and Informatics for the RN3
NURS 461Application of Evidence Based Practice for the RN3
NURS 462Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for the RN4
NURS 463Health Assessment for the RN3
NURS 464Health Promotion Across the Lifespan for the RN3
NURS 465Care of the Older Adult for the RN2
NURS 466Community Health for the RN5
NURS 467Leadership and Management for the RN5
NURS 468Professional Practice Issues for the RN2
Nutrition elective3
Select one of the following:
Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
Scientific Principles of Human Nutrition
Nutrition for Health and Health Care
Directed electives 145
College and University Requirements
POLS 206American National Government3
POLS 207State and Local Government3
American history6
Creative arts3
Language, philosophy and culture3
Life and physical sciences9
Social and behavioral sciences3
Total Semester Credit Hours120