Human Resource Development - BS

The curricula for Human Resource Development provides students with the content and course sequence to enter the workforce in either education, business or industry. The program stresses application in real settings as well as strong foundations in knowledge, and has strong field-based components. The following courses have been combined to give students a well-rounded foundation in the roles and responsibilities in education and business settings.

First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
ENGL 103 or ENGL 104Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition or Composition and Rhetoric 3
KINE 120The Science of Basic Health and Fitness 1
MATH 141Finite Mathematics 3
POLS 206American National Government 3
American history 3
Creative arts 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
MATH 142Business Calculus 3
POLS 207State and Local Government 3
American history 3
Life and physical sciences 4
Social and behavioral science 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
Second Year
EHRD 203Foundations of Human Resource Development 3
MGMT 209Business, Government and Society 3
Language, philosophy and culture 3
Life and physical sciences 4
Elective 13
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
ACCT 209Survey of Accounting Principles 3
COMM 203Public Speaking 3
EHRD 210Legal and Ethical Environment of Human Resource Development 3
ENGL 210Technical and Business Writing 3
ISYS 209Business Information Systems Concepts 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
Third Year
Select one of the following: 3
Interpersonal Communication  
Organizational Communication  
Intercultural Communication  
EHRD 371Applied Learning Principles 23
EHRD 372Learning and Development in HRD 3
EHRD 391Measurement and Evaluation in Human Resource Development and Technology Management 3
MGMT 309Survey of Management 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
EHRD 315Applied Human Resource Development in the Workplace 3
EHRD 374Organizational Development 3
EHRD 481Capstone Seminar in Human Resource Development and Technology Management 33
FINC 409Survey of Finance Principles 3
Elective 13
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
Fourth Year
EHRD 408Globalization and Diversity in the Workplace 3
EHRD 413Conflict Management and Dialogue 3
EHRD 477Project Management in Organizations 3
EHRD 490Research in Human Resource Development/Technology Management 2,33
MKTG 409Principles of Marketing 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
EHRD 484Professional Internship 36
EHRD 405Principles and Practices of Leadership in Human Resource Development and Technology Management 43
TCMG 402Instructional Technology and Design 43
 Term Semester Credit Hours12
 Total Semester Credit Hours: 120

To be chosen in consultation with academic advisor, if necessary


Writing or Communication Intensive course requirement


Professional Phase.


Online course offered

Students must have completed 60 hours to register for 300/400-level courses.

Six hours of International and Cultural Diversity are required. Selection must be from courses on the approved list. Selection can be courses that also satisfy the requirement for social and behavioral sciences, creative arts, language, philosophy and culture, or electives.

Foreign Language Requirement - 2 years same foreign language in high school OR 1 full year (2 semesters) of same foreign language in college.