Animal Science - BS, Science Option

This curriculum is designed to provide scientific expertise in chemistry, biological and physical sciences and mathematics and is recommended for students considering entry into the veterinary, medical or allied health field, or the graduate program of their choice. This option provides a strong background for graduate study in a wide variety of disciplines. Animal scientists graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in this option who do not enter graduate or professional school find employment in rewarding careers in the pharmaceutical, clinical and food-related industries. Students may concentrate on an emphasis area within this option, including the following.


Students planning to pursue a career in veterinary medicine can complete all course requirements for admission to the professional curriculum in this emphasis. Students gain experience working with animals through direct contact in laboratory courses and directed field study. Students acquire knowledge of animal systems and animal behavior principles through coursework and interaction with livestock industry leaders. Students are also prepared to seek admission to the professional curricula in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry and physical therapy.

Pre-graduate Studies

This emphasis prepares students to pursue a Master of Science, Master of Agriculture or Doctor of Philosophy degree. Possible graduate programs include animal behavior, animal breeding, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, meats, dairy science, food science and technology, genetics, growth biology, nutrition and reproductive physiology. Experience gained through honors courses, internships, special problems courses and research laboratories helps the student identify specific disciplines of interest for graduate study. Students with advanced degrees are employed as university professors, research scientists or technicians, extension livestock specialists and technical representatives for industry.

Animal Science Core Curriculum 1
ANSC 101Introductory Seminar for Animal Science1
ANSC 108General Animal Science Laboratory1
ANSC 111Animal Production Systems3
ANSC 113Farm Animal Biosystems2
ANSC 303/NFSC 303Principles of Animal Nutrition3
ANSC 305Animal Breeding3
ANSC 307/NFSC 307Meats3
ANSC 318Animal Feeds and Feeding3
ANSC 333Reproduction in Farm Animals3
ANSC 399Animal Science Experience0
ANSC 498Animal Science Capstone4
Animal Science Disciplinary Focus8
Select from the following:
Behavior and Management of Domestic Animals
Beef Cattle Production and Management
Management of Stocker and Feedlot Cattle
Swine Production and Management
Sheep and Goat Production and Management
Equine Production and Management
Animal Reproduction Management
Advanced Meat Science and Technology
Dairy Science Consortium
Science Option Curriculum
BIOL 112Introductory Biology II4
CHEM 102
CHEM 112
Fundamentals of Chemistry II
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 227Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 237Organic Chemistry Laboratory1
CHEM 228Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 238Organic Chemistry Laboratory1
BICH 410Comprehensive Biochemistry I3
BICH 411Comprehensive Biochemistry II3
GENE 301
GENE 312
Comprehensive Genetics
and Comprehensive Genetics Laboratory
Microbiology elective4
Select one of the following:
Introductory Microbiology
Fundamentals of Microbiology
Food Bacteriology
and Food Bacteriology Lab
Biomedical Microbiology
Statistics Elective3
Select one of the following:
Introduction to Biometry
Statistical Methods
Statistical Methods
General electives 29
University Core Curriculum
ANSC 107General Animal Science3
BIOL 111Introductory Biology I4
CHEM 101
CHEM 111
Fundamentals of Chemistry I
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory I
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric3
ENGL 210Technical and Business Writing3
or COMM 203   or Public Speaking 
Government/Political science electives 36
PSYC 107Introduction to Psychology3
American History elective 46
Language, Philosophy and Culture elective 43
Mathematics elective6
Creative arts elective 43
Foreign language requirement (see Foreign Language table)
International and cultural diversity courses 5
Writing-intensive courses 6
Total Semester Credit Hours120

Foreign Language

Option 1
Completed two years high school foreign language
Option 2
Select one of the following:
CLAS 101
CLAS 102
Beginning Classical Greek I
and Beginning Classical Greek II
CLAS 121
CLAS 122
Beginning Latin I
and Beginning Latin II
FREN 101
FREN 102
Beginning French I
and Beginning French II
GERM 101
GERM 102
Beginning German I
and Beginning German II
ITAL 101
ITAL 102
Beginning Italian I
and Beginning Italian II
JAPN 101
JAPN 102
Beginning Japanese I
and Beginning Japanese II
RUSS 101
RUSS 102
Beginning Russian I
and Beginning Russian II
SPAN 101
SPAN 102
Beginning Spanish I
and Beginning Spanish II