Aggie Honor System Office


All Texas A&M students, graduate and undergraduate, part-time or full-time, in residence or in distance education, are expected to follow the guiding rule of the Aggie Honor Code: “An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do.”

Upon accepting admission to Texas A&M University, a student immediately assumes a commitment to uphold the Honor Code, to accept responsibility for learning, and to follow the philosophy and rules of the Aggie Honor System Office. Students will be required to state their commitment on examinations, research papers, and other academic work. Ignorance of the rules does not exclude any member of the Texas A&M community from the requirements or the processes of the Aggie Honor System Office.

ExCEL Program


Texas A&M University’s Excellence uniting Culture, Education, and Leadership (ExCEL) is a student organization and freshman involvement program designed to help freshmen find academic, social, and personal balance at Texas A&M by fostering a community where they can culturally identify. Since 1987, ExCEL has assisted freshmen in making a smooth transition from high school to college by orienting freshmen to the program through a conference, cultivating relationships between peers and mentors, providing a sense of belonging through cultural communities, offering academic support services, and serving as a resource for transitioning into Aggie life.

ExCEL launches with the ExCEL Conference the Friday before fall classes. During the conference, students become familiar with the year-long program, as they are assigned upper-class peer mentors and a peer group of freshmen. The Conference consists of motivational speakers, dialogue within the ExCEL cultural communities, introduction to developmental series focused on personal development, and meet and greet mentor activities.  Following the Conference, academic, social, and cultural activities begin through the close of the spring semester. Activities include cultural community events, seminar series covering various relevant topics, mentor engagement activities, study halls, community service projects, and socials!

While ExCEL is a student-run program, you may also obtain information by contacting the Department of Multicultural Services at 979.862.2000 or in Suite 2200 in the Memorial Student Center.

Fish Camp


Fish Camp is an optional program intended to provide incoming students the opportunity to establish friendships, meet student leaders, become familiar with Aggie traditions and learn about Texas A&M campus life. Faculty and staff members speak on topics such as study habits, personal goals, Aggie traditions and history, involvement and campus services.  Held during a three-week period preceding the fall semester, each four-day, three-night session is designed to aid students in the transition from high school to college and, particularly, to Texas A&M.

In addition to providing educational programs, group activities and small group discussions, the camp allows students to get to know each other through recreation, intramural sports and evening theme mixers. Fish Camp is not just a four-day activity in August; activities typically continue through the first month of the Fall semester.  For more information on Fish Camp and how to register for a session, please visit our website.

Howdy Camp


Howdy Camp is a student-run, three-day, two-night extended orientation camp program for freshman and transfer students entering Texas A&M University in the spring semester.

Howdy Camp is the spring semester’s equivalent to Fish Camp and T-Camp. Held over a three-day period in January prior to spring classes, new Aggies are introduced to the many traditions, indescribable spirit, and customs of Aggieland.  Additionally, Howdy Camp doesn't end when the bus leaves camp! Camp Counselors continue to be available and serve as resources during the semester as students complete their transition into Texas A&M.  Howdy Camp is hosted by the student organization Aggie Transition Camps.

New Student Conferences


  • Held each year for undergraduate students entering Texas A&M University. New students are required to register for and attend a conference in order to accept their offer of admission and register for classes.
  • During the conference, new students will meet with academic advisors for curriculum advisement and selection of their first semester courses.
  • In addition to referral services for students during their first year, New Student and Family Programs coordinates the following programs: New Student Conferences (NSC); Gig ‘Em Week: Aggieland’s Week of Welcome, full of free events and opportunities for new and returning students.
  • Resources:
    • Parent and Family Programs – resources and services for family members
    • New Aggie News newsletter
    • New Student Handbook
    • Family Calendar designed specifically for family members of newly admitted students
    • Aggie Connection Newsletter – provides family members information on campus events, issues facing first-year students, and updates on campus resources.

Transfer Camp (T-Camp)


Held in August each year, T-Camp is a three-day, two-night extended orientation camp experience for transfer students entering Texas A&M in the summer and fall semesters. Through staff presentations, student skits, and small group discussion time, new students will leave camp with knowledge about Texas A&M campus resources and many new friends.

Additionally, T-Camp doesn't end when the bus leaves camp! Your counselors will be continue to be available and serve as resources as you complete your transition into Texas A&M. Counselors will be at the T-Camp Backyard Bash reunion, will show you around the MSC Open House, and will plan frequent camp hangouts. Counselors will also coordinate campus tours so that you are not lost on your first day!  T-Camp is hosted by the student organization Aggie Transition Camps.