Urban and Regional Planning - BS

The Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning degree program is based in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning (LAUP) within the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. The Urban and Regional Planning program equips students for entry-level positions in planning allied fields and prepares them for graduate studies in fields such as Urban Planning and Land Development. The core curriculum, designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to deal effectively with the opportunities and challenges inherent in the development, growth and culture of neighborhoods, cities, and regions, is based on theoretical training in the natural, physical, and social sciences. Students acquire skills that enable them to apply these theories to develop communities, cities, and regions which are safe, healthy, and sustainable.

Critical thinking and analytical skills are emphasized for problem-solving at the community and regional scale. Classroom service-learning experiences enable graduates to more reliably and realistically assess complex community problems, design solutions for overcoming those problems, and evaluate the outcomes of programs and policies in meeting community and regional needs. Specialized Emphasis Area electives are tailored to help students further specialize their career goals in:

  • Environmental planning and analysis
  • Housing and urban development
First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric 3
MATH 141Finite Mathematics 3
POLS 206American National Government 3
URPN 200Introduction to Landscape Architectural Practice 1
URPN 201The Evolving City 3
American history 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
MATH 142Business Calculus 3
POLS 207State and Local Government 3
URPN 220Digital Communication I 3
American history 3
Creative arts 3
Select one of the following:
Survey of World Architecture History II  
History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture  
Design Process  
Art History Survey II  
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
Second Year
ECON 202Principles of Economics 3
RENR 205Fundamentals of Ecology 3
URPN 202Building Better Cities 3
URPN 325Introduction to GIS in Urban and Regional Planning 3
Social and behavioral sciences 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
RENR 375Conservation of Natural Resources 3
URPN 210Urban Analytical Methods I 3
Language, philosophy and culture 3
Life and physical sciences 5
Select one of the following Sociology electives: 3
Classical Sociological Theory  
Population and Society  
Social Problems  
 Term Semester Credit Hours17
Third Year
ENGL 210Technical and Business Writing 3
RENR 215Fundamentals of Ecology--Laboratory 1
URPN 310Urban Analytical Methods II 3
URPN 330Land Development I 3
URPN 489Special Topics in... 1
Concentration/Directed elective 3
Concentration/Directed elective 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours17
CARC 481Seminar 1
URPN 302Planning Law 3
URPN 331Public and Private Infrastructure Funding 3
URPN 469Urban Infrastructure 3
Concentration/Directed elective 3
Elective 4
 Term Semester Credit Hours17
Fourth Year
Select one of the following: 16
Internship or Internship  
Study Abroad
Elective 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours9
URPN 401Policy Implementation 3
URPN 493Urban and Regional Studies Capstone Course 5
Concentration/Directed elective 3
Elective 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours14
 Total Semester Credit Hours: 120

Semester Away: May be satisfied by study abroad, at another university, internship, or special arrangement by advisor or instructor. Electives may be taken during summer, online, distance education, at another university or college, or at a study abroad university.

A grade of C or better is required in all courses to satisfy Urban and Regional Planning degree requirements.