Turfgrass Science - BS

Curriculum in Turfgrass Science is administered by the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences. Students following this curriculum develop and utilize basic scientific knowledge to understand the most fundamental resources—turfgrass, soils, and water—and the interaction of these resources in different environmental settings. The required courses provide an essential foundation, while the elective courses (i.e., ornamental horticulture, plant protection, business, landscape architecture) can be selected to meet the interests, needs and objectives of individual students.

Turfgrass Science prepares graduates for careers in: management—golf courses, athletic fields, public, private or commercial grounds; production agriculture—turfgrass production, or plant breeding; agribusiness—seed sales, turf equipment and supplies, landscape contractor, commercial or home lawn care specialists; education—consulting, extension, or public relations.

Department of Soil and Crop Sciences Core Courses
CHEM 222Elements of Organic and Biological Chemistry3
SCSC 205Problem Solving in Plant and Soil Systems3
SCSC 301Soil Science4
SCSC 307Crop Biology and Physiology4
SCSC 309Water in Soils and Plants4
SCSC 481Senior Seminar2
RENR 205Fundamentals of Ecology3
or SCSC 444   or Forage Ecology and Management 
Select one of the following:3
Brazilian Agriculture and Food Production Systems
International Agricultural Research Centers - Mexico
Natural Resources and Agricultural Sustainability in UK
STAT 302Statistical Methods3
or ESSM 313   or Vegetation Sampling Methods and Designs in Ecosystems 
Pest management7-8
Select two from the following:
Plant Pathology
and Plant Pathology Laboratory
General Entomology
Principles of Integrated Pest Management
Weed Management and Ecology
Turfgrass Science Courses
MGMT 309Survey of Management3
SCSC 302Recreational Turf3
SCSC 312Professional Development in Turfgrass1
SCSC 427Sports Field Construction4
SCSC 428Advanced Turf Ecology and Physiology3
SCSC 429Turf Management Systems4
SCSC 430Turfgrass Maintenance4
Directed electives8
Select 8 semester credit hours from the following:
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Crop Stress Management
Soil and Water Microbiology
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrient Management
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrient Management Laboratory
Watershed, Water and Soil Quality Management
Free electives11-12
University Core Curriculum Requirements
AGEC 105Introduction to Agricultural Economics3
CHEM 101
CHEM 111
Fundamentals of Chemistry I
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory I
COMM 203Public Speaking3
American history 16
Creative arts 13
Government/Political science 26
American National Government
State and Local Government
Language, philosophy and culture 13
Life and physical sciences4
Select 8 semester credit hours from the following:
Introductory Biology I
Essentials in Biology
Fundamentals of Chemistry II
Principles of Geology
College Physics
Life and physical sciences1
Mathematics (MATH prefix required)6
Total Semester Credit Hours120