EDHP - Ed Healthcare Prof

EDHP 500 Teaching and Learning Theory

Credits 3.

This course explores educational theories and practices foundational to classroom, simulation and clinical learning. Emphasis is placed on practical application of teaching/learning theory in classroom, simulation, and clinical learning environments promoting the transfer of theory to practice. Students will demonstrate knowledge of teaching and learning theories impacting curriculum design relevant to the health care educator.

EDHP 501/NURS 501 Curriculum Design

Credits 3.

Various models of curriculum development and design based on educational philosophy and professional standards will be investigated. Students will demonstrate knowledge of program development including scope and sequence, curriculum alignment, and mapping. Program development through topic identification and generation of content outlines/syllabi, objectives, and outcome measures are included in this course.
Cross Listing: NURS 501/EDHP 501.

EDHP 502/NURS 502 Assessment and Evaluation in Education

Credits 3.

Practical and theoretical issues involved in evaluating student performance, teacher performance and educational programs will be explored. Students will explore various means of performance-based assessments applicable to didactic, simulated and clinical learning environments. Students will examine a variety of assessment instruments and strategies and the role each has in the evaluation process. The course will enable students to plan, execute and interpret educational assessments.
Cross Listing: NURS 502/EDHP 502.

EDHP 503/NURS 503 Teaching Strategies

Credits 3.

Best practices research on instructional pedagogy and adult learning will be examined. The course focuses on recommended principles, concepts and theories used in practice that create effective learning environments. Teaching strategies responsive to diverse learning styles and needs of learners will be explored as well as reflective practices and self-assessment. A variety of practical classroom, simulation and clinical teaching strategies consistent with current evidence will be discussed emphasizing teaching methods using technology.
Cross Listing: NURS 503/EDHP 503.

EDHP 504 Teaching Practicum

Credits 1 to 2. 1 to 2 Other Hours.

This course focuses on the integration of education role theory and practice with socialization into the role of educator. It includes a faculty and preceptor-guided practicum with experiences in the application of the health profession's role as an educator in selected academic and healthcare settings. The course also includes experiences in the classroom as well as the clinical area (academic or staff educator) in nursing, medicine, dental, public health and pharmacy as desired by the health profession.

EDHP 505 Thesis

Credits 3. 3 Other Hours.

This course will guide students throughout the process of conducting a study and writing a manuscript. Coursework will include developing a research proposal from topic and title selection to citing the significance of the research, reviewing related literature, explaining the methodology and results, and defending the work.

EDHP 506 Project

Credits 3. 3 Other Hours.

Process of conducting a clinical or educational research project; includes development of a proposal from optic and title selection to citing the significance of the project; reviewing related literature; explaining the methodology and conducting research to the degree appropriate.

EDHP 520 Advanced Innovative Teaching Strategies

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours.

This course is designed to facilitate the development, implementation, and assessment of instructional innovations in the health professions educational environment. Students will engage in active learning practices as they analyze, critique, and discuss teaching strategies. The integration of educational technology in the instructional process will also be examined.

EDHP 521 Curriculum Management, Leadership and Evaluation

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours.

This course is composed of three specific parts. Curriculum Management will focus on developing plans related specifically to how to lead, manage current curriculum, and affect changes for the institution’s educational mission. Leadership in Health Professions Education will introduce multiple concepts and theories regarding leadership approaches and how to apply the concepts in healthcare professions. The Learner Assessment and Program Evaluation portion will explore avenues of high quality, effective learner assessment and identify program performance, gaps and the process for improvement.

EDHP 522 Research and Design Analysis

Credits 4. 4 Lecture Hours.

This course will focus on the design of research studies in health professions education. Students will learn the principles of research design, become familiar with different types of designs, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of study designs. The general principles of research design will be investigated, implemented, and practiced.

EDHP 523 Educational Research Design Practicum

Credits 2. 2 Lecture Hours.

This course is a hand-on, practicum experience which offers learners the opportunity to develop a research plan and carry it through to IRB submission. Research plan development includes considerations of research design, data collection, and data analysis. A review of the literature will be required. Completion of the research plan is required for course credit. Faculty facilitation will occur online, in person, or via email. This elective may be taken more than once, to allow for further project development. Milestones must be met to earn credit.

EDHP 524 Manuscript Development Practicum

Credits 2. 2 Lecture Hours.

This course is a hands-on, practicum experience which offers learners the opportunity to develop a medical education research paper and abstract suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal and/or conference. A comprehensive review of the literature will be required. Faculty facilitation will occur online, in person, or via email.
Prerequisite: Prior or concurrent learner involvement in an educational study, where data collection and analysis have already taken place.

EDHP 685 Directed Studies

Credits 1 to 3. 1 to 3 Other Hours.

Individual pursuit of specific problems involving application of theory and practice in the various disciplines of healthcare education. May be taken three times for credit.
Prerequisite: Graduate classification and approval of instructor.

EDHP 691 Research

Credits 1 to 3. 1 to 3 Other Hours.

Student research initiative within the scope of the project/thesis. This course is designed to provide students with additional time and support to complete the thesis or project and to maintain continuous enrollment. This course may be repeated for a maximum of three credits.
Prerequisite: Completion of the thesis course and approval by student’s advisory committee and the EDHP director.