Master of Laws

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) program provides a concentrated post-graduate legal study program for practicing lawyers or graduates of foreign or domestic law schools.  Candidates for this program include:  1) foreign lawyers and law graduates seeking training in U.S. legal doctrine and skills; and 2) U.S. lawyers and law graduates wishing to pursue an advanced study in chosen areas of focus. 

Students have the option to pursue a thesis or non-thesis Master of Laws degree. Students may be enrolled on either a full-time or part-time basis.

All Master of Laws (LL.M.) students must complete 24 credit hours including at least three upper-level courses in one of the following focus areas:

  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Global Business and Legal Practice
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal Law
  • Environmental and Energy Law

Students who do not have a Juris Doctor from an A.B.A.-approved law school must take a concentrated introductory course on the U.S. legal and business environment, Introduction to the U.S. Legal System.  This course will familiarize students with the structure of the U.S. legal system, fundamentals of legal reasoning and analysis, and core concepts in the major areas of U.S. doctrinal law.

All students must take an upper-level writing or drafting course. An LL.M. colloquium, a regularly scheduled colloquium that will include an overview and discussion of selected issues, will be offered.

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