Horticulture - BS

This degree is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for production, management and marketing of horticultural and floriculture crops or designing and building residential or small scale commercial landscapes. This degree also offers students with strong interests in science and/or technology opportunities in research related fields including preparation for graduate studies. Career prospects range from producing specialty crops such as herbs for upscale restaurants, to managing landscape businesses for growing communities, designing sustainable residential landscapes of the future, working with clientele in botanic and community gardens to enhance urban environments, to marketing fruits and vegetables for healthier lifestyles. Many former students are self-employed, owning their own greenhouse, nursery or landscape operation. Others work in upper management of large corporations; serve in educational institutions, government agencies, or community service organizations; and travel the world developing and marketing future horticultural crops.

Horticultural Science Core Courses
HORT 201Horticultural Science and Practices3
HORT 281Horticulture as a Profession.1
HORT 315Issues in Horticulture 13
HORT 326Plant Propagation3
HORT 481Seminar 22
High Impact Learning1
Select one of the following:
Field Studies in Horticulture
Directed Studies
HORT Study Abroad
Horticultural Crop Production3
Select one of the following:
Fruit and Nut Production
Vegetable Crop Production
Nut Culture
Viticulture and Small Fruit Culture
Concepts of Wine Production
Tropical Horticulture
Nursery Production and Management
Horticulture Management and Marketing3
Select one of the following:
Interior Plants
Landscape Maintenance and Construction
International Floriculture Marketing
Greenhouse Technology & Sustainable Crop Production Systems
Nursery Production and Management
Plant Identification / Characterization3
Select one of the following:
Trees and Shrubs for Sustainable Built Environments
Plants for Sustainable Landscapes
Interior Plants
Horticulture Elective6
Supporting Field Requirements
CHEM 222Elements of Organic and Biological Chemistry3
or CHEM 227   or Organic Chemistry I 
Select one of the following:3
Principles of Heredity
Genetics of Plants
Biomedical Genetics
ENTO 201General Entomology3
MEPS 313Introduction to Plant Physiology3
PLPA 301Plant Pathology3
PLPA 303Plant Pathology Laboratory1
SCSC 301Soil Science4
RENR 205Fundamentals of Ecology3
Directed electives 427
University Core Curriculum
Select one of the following:4
Introductory Biology I
Essentials in Biology
CHEM 101
CHEM 111
Fundamentals of Chemistry I
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory I
HORT 202Horticultural Science and Practices Laboratory1
American history6
Creative arts3
Government/Political science6
Language, philosophy and culture3
Mathematics (MATH prefix required)6
Social and behavioral science3
Total Semester Credit Hours120