Cybersecurity - Minor

The Cybersecurity Minor is designed to appeal to both less technically-oriented and more technically-oriented undergraduate students, across multiple departments, in multiple colleges. All students who enroll in the minor will acquire a basic understanding of programming, and a firmly grounded understanding of cybersecurity, to include cyber ethics.  The inclusion of these courses in the minor will allow students to specialize in the area of cybersecurity that is most closely aligned with their respective interests and their degree plans. 

Select one of the following tracks:

Engineering Track
CSCE 313Introduction to Computer Systems4
CSCE 315Programming Studio3
CSCE 410Operating Systems3
CSCE 465Computer and Network Security3
Select one of the following:3
Software Reverse Engineering
Networks and Distributed Processing
Fundamentals of Networking
Total Semester Credit Hours16
Interdisciplinary Track
Select one of the following:3
Computer and Network Security
Cybersecurity and Digital Ethics
Select one of the following:4
Programming I
Introduction to Computer Science Concepts and Programming
Introduction to Program Design and Concepts
Select one of the following:3
Structured Programming in C
Data Structures and Algorithms
Embedded Systems Development in C
Select two from the following:6
Embedded Systems for Medical Applications
Computer-Human Interaction
Fundamentals of Networking
Local-and-Metropolitan-Area Networks
Advanced Network Systems and Security
Microcontroller Architecture
Wireless Transmission Systems
Forensic Investigations
Introduction to Forensic and Investigative Sciences
Applied Digital Forensics and Incident Response
Network Communications and Infrastructure
Database Programming
Business Systems Analysis and Design
Communications and Cryptography
Communications and Cryptography II
National Security Policy
Unix System Administration Practices
Total Semester Credit Hours16
Technology track
ESET 269Embedded Systems Development in C3
ESET 315Local-and-Metropolitan-Area Networks4
ESET 415Advanced Network Systems and Security3
TCMG 308Cybersecurity and Digital Ethics3
Select one of the following:3
Data Communications
Embedded Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) Systems
Unix System Administration Practices
Technical Network Capstone
Total Semester Credit Hours16

Minimum required GPA to declare minor is a 2.5.

Must make a grade of 'C' or better in each course used towards minor.

Must achieve an overall GPA of 2.5 in approved minor coursework.

Minimum of 6 hours at 300-400 level.