Africana Studies - Minor

The College of Liberal Arts offers a minor in Africana Studies.

An interdisciplinary minor that can be paired easily with any major, Africana Studies is a program which provides students with a unique opportunity to think critically about the cultural, historical and social contributions and experiences of people from Africa and of African descent.  In our program, students examine the construction of blackness across ethnic, regional, and national boundaries.  Africana Studies courses are a comingling of traditional approaches to the field and cutting edge scholarship that challenges stereotypical portrayals of blacks the world over.

Required Courses:
AFST 302Gateway Course3
AFST 481Seminar3
Select four from the following:12
Introduction to Africana Studies
Introduction to African-American Literature
Introduction to Africana Literature
Introduction to Hip-Hop Philosophy
Directed Studies
Special Topics in…
Blacks in the United States, 1607-1877
Blacks in the United States Since 1877
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Sociology of African Americans
Africana Social Sciences
Africana Humanities
Africana Popular Culture
Popular Musics in the African Diaspora
African-American Literature Pre-1930
African-American Literature Post-1930
History of Africa to 1800
Modern Africa
History of South Africa
Africana Philosophy
Radical Black Philosophies of Race and Racism
Out of Africa: The Black Diaspora and the Modern World
Postcolonial Literatures
Africana Feminisms
Studies in Africana Literature and Culture
Slavery in World History
Rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement
Directed Studies
Special Topics in…
Race and Politics in the United States
Sociology of Sport
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Students must make a grade of C or better.