Philosophy Pre-Law - Certificate

The Department of Philosophy offers a Pre-law Certificate that is primarily guided by the published recommendations of the American Bar Association (A.B.A.).1 The A.B.A. encourages prospective law students to pursue classes that cultivate a set of skills that will enhance the study of law. The study of philosophy lends itself to the development these recommended skills. To this end, Philosophy’s Pre-law Certification requires that students take classes that typically cultivate the A.B.A’s recommended skill set:

  1. Problem Solving involves “courses and other experiences that will engage [students] in critical thinking about important issues, challenge ...  beliefs and improve ... tolerance for uncertainty and criticism.”1
  2. Critical Reading involves “close reading and critical analysis of complex textual material.”1
  3. Writing and Editing involves “preparing original pieces of substantial length and revising written work in response to constructive criticism.  [...] Language is the most important tool of a lawyer, and lawyers must learn how to express themselves clearly and concisely.”1
  4. Oral Communication and Listening involves “the ability to speak clearly and persuasively... and excellent listening skills.”1
  5. Research involves “undertaking a project that requires significant library research and the analysis of large amounts of information obtained from that research.”1

The Certification requires students to take 12 hours of classes, one of which is an introduction to logic and 9 of which are at the 300-400 level. Students must complete at least one Philosophy class that is writing intensive.

PHIL 240Introduction to Logic3
Select one from:3
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Select one from:3
Directed Studies
Independent Honors Studies
PHIL 300 to 4993
Total Semester Credit Hours12