Political Science - BS

The Department of Political Science offers a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. The B.S. program emphasizes building skills in social science research and data analysis while gaining a better understanding of politics, developing habits of critical thinking, and enhancing students' written, verbal, and visual communications skills.

POLS 200Foundations of Political Science3
POLS 206American National Government3
POLS 207State and Local Government3
POLS 209Introduction to Political Science Research 13
POLS 308Game Theoretic Methods in Political Science3
POLS 309Polimetrics3
Select three of the following: 9
Introduction to Political Theory
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Introduction to World Politics
Politics and Policy in the United States
Political science electives15
College and University Requirements
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric3
Select one of the following:3
Writing about Literature
Technical and Business Writing
Public Speaking
Communication for Technical Professions
Argumentation and Debate
Literature in English6
Select one of the following options:9
Option 1:
Introduction to Logic
Finite Mathematics
Business Calculus
Option 2:
Introduction to Logic
Engineering Mathematics I
Engineering Mathematics II
Option 3:
Introduction to Logic
Analytic Geometry and Calculus
Creative arts3
Language, philosophy and culture3
Language, philosophy and culture or creative arts3
Life and physical sciences9
Social and behavioral sciences 26
American history6
International and cultural diversity 3
Free electives 227
Total Semester Credit Hours120

No more than 39 credits in political science may be applied to the degree.

A grade of C or better is required for a course to be counted in the major field.

Other courses may qualify for the college and university requirements. Student should consult the approved list of courses in the Undergraduate Student Services Office in the College of Liberal Arts. No course can be counted in more than one category.