Mathematics - Minor

Getting a Minor in Mathematics is Simple!

Students wishing to earn a minor in mathematics do not need to visit the Mathematics Department to do so. They should see their advisor, and inform them of their intention to earn a minor in mathematics, and to have that information entered into COMPASS.

The department also wants to point out to students who are majoring in engineering or one of the sciences that it might not take more than another 18 to 24 hours to get a double major in mathematics. If that is of interest to you, contact Mathematics Undergraduate Program Office.

Non-math majors can obtain a minor in mathematics by meeting the following requirements:

Select one from:4
Calculus II for Biological Sciences
Engineering Mathematics II
Select one from:3
Several Variable Calculus
Engineering Mathematics III
Engineering Mathematics III
Select from the following:6
Foundations of Mathematics
300-400 level Mathematics course 1, 2
400 level Mathematics course 23
Total Semester Credit Hours16

Only one of MATH 323, MATH 304, MATH 309, or MATH 311 can be taken to satisfy the minor, due to the course content.


All 300-400 level MATH courses MUST be taken at Texas A&M University.  No transfer work will be accepted.

Students must make a grade of "C" or better in all courses.

MATH 131, MATH 141, MATH 142, MATH 365, MATH 366, MATH 367, MATH 368, MATH 403, and MATH 485 may not be used to satisfy the requirements. MATH 485 will receive approval only under exceptional circumstances.