Statistics - Minor

The Department of Statistics offers a minor in Statistics. For additional information, see the Department of Statistics website (

Lower Division Courses
STAT 211Principles of Statistics I3
STAT 212Principles of Statistics II3
Directed Upper Division Electives
Select three of the following: 1,29
Sample Survey Techniques
   or Principles of Sample Surveys 
Introduction to Linear Models
Mathematical Statistics I
   or Mathematical Probability 
Directed Studies
Special Topics in…
Total Semester Credit Hours15

Cannot use both STAT 307 and STAT 407.  Cannot use both STAT 414 and MATH 411.


STAT 485 or STAT 489 must be approved by the Statistics Department.

Additional Requirements:

Students must make a grade of "C" or better in all courses.

Students must not be BS in APMS or BS in MATH major.

Substitutions for the minor must be approved by the Statistics Department.