University Studies - BS, Biomedical Sciences Concentration

The College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in University Studies degree with a concentration in biomedical sciences.

BIMS 320/GENE 320Biomedical Genetics3
Select from the following:4
Advanced Human Genetics
Biomedical Writing
Biomedical Explorations through Narrative
Public Health Practices
Biology of Mammalian Cells and Tissues
Introduction to Immunology
Biomedical Parasitology
VTPB 405Biomedical Microbiology5
VTPP 323Animal Physiology3
CHEM 101
CHEM 111
Fundamentals of Chemistry I
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 102
CHEM 112
Fundamentals of Chemistry II
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 227Organic Chemistry I3
BIMS Directed Electives 19
Select hours from the following:
General Animal Science
General Animal Science Laboratory
Companion Animal Science
Principles of Animal Nutrition
Animal Feeds and Feeding
Animal Nutrition and Feeding
Biochemistry Laboratory I
Biochemical Techniques I
One Health in Action
Introduction to Phenotypic Expression in the Context of Human Medicine
Special Topics in...
Cooperative Education in Biomedical Science
Mammalian Genetics
Advanced Human Genetics
Modifying Mammalian Genomes for Biomedical Research
Seminar in Biomedical Science
Biomedical Science Field Experience
Directed Studies
Special Topics in...
Veterinary Entomology
Global Public Health Entomology
Medical Entomology
The Science of Forensic Entomology
and Applied Forensic Entomology
Advanced Human Genetics
Molecular Genetics
Laboratory in Molecular Genetics
Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology
Nutrition for Health and Health Care
Food Bacteriology
Food Bacteriology Lab
Health Systems Planning
Fundamentals of Food Toxicology and Safety
Introduction to Neuroscience
Biomedical Writing
Biomedical Explorations through Narrative
Developmental Neurotoxicology
Food Toxicology and Safety
Tumor Cell Biology and Carcinogenesis
Introduction to Epidemiology
Computer Applications in Public Health Research
Public Health Practices
Biology of Mammalian Cells and Tissues
Mammalian Functional Neuroanatomy
Wildlife Diseases
Medical Communication in the International Community
Poultry Diseases
Clinical Microbiology
Introduction to Immunology
Cell Mechanisms of Disease
Techniques of Clinical Pathology
Immunogenetics and Comparative Immunology
Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals
Biomedical Virology
Clinical Veterinary Mycology
Biomedical Parasitology
Biomedical Neuroendrocrinology and Endocrine Disorders
History of Human and Veterinary Medicine in Europe
Biomedical Physiology II
Introduction to Toxicology
Analysis of Genomic Signals
Wildlife Diseases
University and College Requirements
Mathematics Elective3
Select one of the following:
Mathematical Concepts—Calculus
Business Calculus
Engineering Mathematics I
Analytic Geometry and Calculus
BIOL 111Introductory Biology I4
BIOL 112Introductory Biology II4
CHEM 237Organic Chemistry Laboratory1
Language, philosophy and culture3
Creative Arts3
Social and behavioral sciences3
American history 26
POLS 206American National Government 23
POLS 207State and Local Government 23
Remaining Coursework 3
General electives 42-8
Minor 115-18
Minor 215-18
Total Semester Credit Hours120