Leadership Education, Theory, and Practice - Certificate

Certificate in Leadership Education, Theory, and Practice is an innovative program that prepares students with the unique knowledge and skills required to apply leadership theory and put into practice these theories at any level in an organization. Students will gain a substantive foundation of leadership theory, with the instructional focus on leadership situations and how to apply leadership theories to all professional organizations, including professional and civic. Students are required to complete four courses (12 credit hours) to earn the certificate.

Students may complete this certificate as part of a degree program, as a certificate option only, or as continuing education. When completed as part of a degree program or as a certificate option only, the certificate completion will appear on the transcript.

For more information to obtain the Leadership Education Certificate, please contact the graduate coordinator, Clarice Fulton by email, cfulton@tamu.edu, or phone 979-862-7180.

This emphasis area consists of 12 semester hours. Inquiries should be addressed to the department’s graduate coordinator.

ALEC 606Foundations of Leadership Theory3
or ALED 340   or Survey of Leadership Theory 
Select three of the following:9
Youth Leadership Programs
Leadership of Volunteers
Learning Organizations
Facilitation of Leadership Programs
Leadership in Organizational Culture and Ethics
Survey of Evaluation Strategies for Agriculture
   or Program Evaluation and Organizational Accountability 
Special Topics in... 1
Total Semester Credit Hours12