Historic Preservation - Certificate

Based in the College of Architecture, the Certificate in Historic Preservation is open to students in a graduate degree program at Texas A&M University. This cross-disciplinary program draws on strong discipline-based academic programs that prepare graduates to further their career goals. The certificate assumes that historic preservation is a cross-disciplinary field, and the program is designed to ensure that students gain a sense of mutual respect for others in the field, and appropriate awareness, understanding, and ability within a specific body of knowledge.

The student must complete a MINIMUM of fifteen (15) credit hours of coursework with historic preservation content. The courses MUST be applicable toward a graduate degree at Texas A&M University, but need not necessarily be included on the student's degree plan.

Required Courses
ARCH 646Historic Preservation Theory and Practice3
Select twelve semester credit hours of the following: 1, 212
Architectural Design IV
Recording Historic Buildings
Building Preservation Technology
Advanced History of Building Technology
Construction Science:
Special Topics in... (Earth Based Construction)
Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning:
Professional Study
Sustainable Development
Geographical Information Systems in Landscape and Urban Planning
Law and Legislation Related to Planning
Professional Study
Conservation of Archaeological Resources I
Conservation of Archaeological Resources II
Skills in Maritime Archaeology
Cultural Resources Management
Processes in Cultural Geography
Recreation, Parks and Tourism:
Methods of Environmental Interpretation
Heritage Tourism
Professional Study
Total Semester Credit Hours15