Sustainable Urbanism - Certificate

 Sustainable Urbanism is an interdisciplinary program based in the Center for Housing and Urban Development (CHUD) in the College of Architecture. The certificate explores sustainability and urban design in a rapidly urbanizing world by focusing on the processes that shape the form and function of the built environment in its full complexity--infrastructure, land development, built landscapes, and facilities--that collectively make up metropolitan regions. Recipients of the certificate are ready to investigate and apply collaborative practices to design and plan sustainable urban settlements that are livable, equitable, energy efficient, ecologically sound, and prosperous.

Select one of the following Principles - History and Theory courses:3
Structure and Function of Urban Settlements
Planning for Healthy Communities
Planning Theory and History
Special Topics in...
Urban Geography
Select one of the following Practices - Methods and Skills courses:3
Special Topics in... (Sustainable Construction)
Special Topics in... (Earth Construction)
Development and the Environment
Sustainable Development
Select one of the following Policies - Analysis and Evaluation courses:3
Sustainable Building Design Technology
Historic Preservation Theory and Practice
Urban Infrastructure Planning
Special Topics in...
Visual Quality for Design and Planning
Select one of the following Design and Planning Studios:9
Collaborative Studio 1
Sustainable Urbanism Studio 2,3
Total Semester Credit Hours18