Orthodontics - Certificate

The Certificate in Orthodontics is a most-significant document for graduates in the dental specialty of Orthodontics. Although all graduates from the 34.5 month regimen of study complete a publishable MS thesis in the Department of Orthodontics at the College of Dentistry and receive an MS in Oral Biology, the specialty of Orthodontics is not annotated on the diploma. Therefore, the Certificate in Orthodontics portrays certification in the discipline/specialty as a legitimate credential to potential orthodontic patients as well as hospitals, future employers, professional organizations, and certifying agencies such as the American Board of Orthodontics. As such, the Certificate in Orthodontics should be weighted equally as important as the MS degree in Oral Biology, since it is more explanatory to the consuming public and regulatory authorities.

Application requirements include a DDS or DMD, National Board Dental Examinations for graduates of American Dental Association Council on Dental Accreditation accredited institutions, Graduate Record Examination scores, a competitive academic record, and references.  Applications are made through the PASS. The deadline to apply is August 15 of each year, with a start date the following summer.

For more information about the Certificate in Orthodontics visit http://bcd.tamhsc.edu/orthodontics/index.html.

Students must remain continuously enrolled for 34.5 months and successfully complete 46.5 semester credit hours. The MS in Oral Biology is also required, for which students must complete an additional 32 semester credit hours, conduct a research project, and successfully defend a written thesis. The coursework for the Certificate and the MS are completed simultaneously.

In accordance with Student Rule 10.4.1, grades of S or U may be assigned in certain officially designated certificate courses.