Homeland Security - Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security (Bush School of Government and Public Service) consists of instruction surveying the dimensions of homeland security and defense, from the traditional concepts of public safety to the emerging concepts of anti-terrorism and public security. Students may take courses in residence, web-based, or a combination of formats. The program is designed for individuals seeking careers with management or policy responsibilities at various levels of government, in the military, or in the private sector. After a required Fundamentals of Homeland Security course, students select from electives dealing with such topics as cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, weapons of mass destruction, domestic intelligence, business resilience and continuity, border security, the unconventional threat to the nation, homeland security and the law, and maritime security. Applicants must have an accredited bachelor’s degree and meet other entry qualifications to be admitted to graduate study at Texas A&M University. Students who are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at Texas A&M University may take individual courses; however, they must formally enroll in the certificate program and meet certificate completion requirements to earn the certificate. Certificate notation and grades for courses taken as part of this program will appear on the student’s official Texas A&M University transcript.

For more information, visit http://bush.tamu.edu/chls/ or call (979) 862-7810, toll-free 1-866-988-2874 or email bushschoolonline@tamu.edu.

Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security (CHLS) 
Students must complete 15 credit hours of Bush School Homeland Security in residence and/or  online courses with an overall grade point of 3.0 or higher. All CHLS students must complete the required course of PSAA 656 Fundamentals of Homeland Security, and then an additional 12 credit hours of homeland security electives.  Students may choose to take one online Advanced International Affairs (CAIA) course and apply it toward their CHLS program. Students must apply for completion and pass the certificate degree audit in order to earn the certificate. 

Courses approved for the Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security Program include:

Required Course (3 semester credit hours)
PSAA 656Fundamentals of Homeland Security3
Electives (choose 4 courses or 12 semester credit hours from the following): 12
Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Homeland Security Policies, Strategies, and Operations
Research Methods for Homeland Security Studies
Cybersecurity Policy, Issues and Operations - A Manager’s Guide
Safeguarding the Nation’s Maritime Gateways
Homeland Security and Homeland Defense
Protection of the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure
Weapons of Mass Destruction
U.S. Border Security: Policies, Strategies and Issues
Domestic Intelligence Operations: Legalities, Policies, and Procedures
Terrorism in Today’s World
Domestic Terrorism: The Internal Threat to America
U.S. Law and Homeland Security
Special Topics in... (Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Security)
Total Semester Credit Hours15