Nonprofit Management - Certificate

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management will gain an understanding of the nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizational structures (i.e., legal frameworks and governance issues) and management practices appropriate to the nonprofit sector (i.e., strategy, volunteer behavior, and fundraising). With this preparation, students will be able to offer effective leadership in the management of nonprofit organizations.

Students who are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at Texas A&M University may take individual courses in the certificate program. However, they must formally be admitted to the certificate program and meet all completion requirements to earn the certificate. An applicant must have an accredited bachelor’s degree and meet certain other qualifications in order to be admitted.

An individual who successfully completes the certificate program will be awarded a certificate by Texas A&M University and the Bush School. Grades for courses taken as part of this program will appear on the official transcript, together with notation that the certificate has been achieved. 

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Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management (CNPM)

The certificate requires students to complete 12 credit hours of graduate coursework with an overall grade point of 3.0 or higher in two required courses and two electives selected from an approved list.  Certificate courses are offered in residence and online.   All CNPM students must complete the required courses of PSAA 643 Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector and  PSAA 644 Management and Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations as well as 6 credit hours from a variety of electives. Students must apply for completion and have an approved certificate degree audit in order to earn the certificate. 

Courses approved for the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management Program include:

Required Courses
PSAA 643Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector3
PSAA 644Management and Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations3
Select two of the following electives: 16
Tools of Leadership in Public Service Organizations
Nongovernmental Organization Management in International Settings
Governance and Institutional Reform: A Comparative Perspective
Managing Workplace Diversity in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Contract Management
Program Evaluation in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
Fiscal Management for Nonprofits
Philanthropy: Fundraising in Nonprofit Organizations
Social Welfare and Health Policy
Grant and Project Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
Ethics and Public Policy
Performance Management in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
Volunteer and Human Resources in Nonprofit Organizations
Legal Environment of Nonprofit Management
Total Semester Credit Hours12