Education for Health Care Professionals - Certificate

The Certificate in Education for Healthcare Professionals is a 14 credit hour program for students who want to expand their knowledge of teaching and curriculum development. This certificate can be utilized to expand knowledge of teaching and curriculum development. The certificate is also an intermediary step within the EDHP program and can be applied to the Master's degree if the student wishes to pursue the advanced degree in the future.

To review the certificate's overarching goals and student learning outcomes, please review the "Program Requirements" tab. 

Certificate Program Goals and Outcomes

The overarching goals of the Certificate in EDHP are to prepare students to:

  • Teach in a variety of settings with an interdisciplinary team. Incorporate theory and practice in the development and implementation of educational offerings in diverse settings and populations.
  • Integrate collective teaching strategies and delivery systems for today's new learning environment.
  • Effectively evaluate student performance with the necessary tools and strategies in clinical and/or classroom settings.
  • Develop their skills as a new faculty member.

The learning outcomes for students who complete the Certificate in EDHP require that students will:

  • Analyze educational pedagogies for a population of learners.
  • Apply best practices of curriculum development and evaluation methods in teaching environments.
  • Develop expertise in varied instructional methodologies.
  • Incorporate an interdisciplinary perspective into an educator role.
  • Integrate the role of educator into current practice.
EDHP 630Teaching and Learning Theory3
EDHP 631/NURS 631Curriculum Design3
EDHP 632/NURS 632Assessment and Evaluation in Education3
EDHP 633/NURS 633Teaching Strategies3
EDHP 634Teaching Practicum2
Total Semester Credit Hours14

For other specific program requirements regarding the EDHP certificate please review the EDHP website: