Energy Accounting - Certificate

The Certificate in Energy Accounting (CEA) offers Mays BBA accounting majors with an interest in working in the energy industry an opportunity to set themselves apart and find a place in an exciting, competitive industry that provides a wide variety of opportunities – including international. The CEA program is designed to give undergraduate accounting students high impact learning experiences related to the energy industry.

All requirements for the program must be completed prior to graduation. A certificate notation will be added to the official transcript upon graduation.

Required Courses
ACCT 327Financial Reporting I3
ACCT 403Energy Accounting 13
ACCT 484Accounting Internship3
or FINC 484   or Professional Internship 
BUSN 302Nonprofit Perspectives (Energy Industry)1
Select one of the following: 23
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Survey of International Agricultural Economics: Study Abroad
Land Economics
Introduction to Bioenvironmental Sciences
General Chemistry for Engineering Students
Energy Markets and Policy 3
Energy: Resources, Utilization and Importance to Society
Planet Earth
Geography of Energy
Resources and the Environment
Principles of Geology
American Environmental History
History of Energy in America
Conservation of Natural Resources
Study Abroad in Natural Resources
Total Semester Credit Hours13