Human Resource Development - Minor

Human Resource Development (HRD) is the process of improving learning and performance in individual, group and organization contexts through domains of expertise such as lifelong learning, career development, training and development, and organization development. A minor in HRD allows for a wider range of potential employment and accommodation to a diverse education professional experience.

Students must submit an application for admission during the following periods:

  • Summer/Fall - January 13 through March 10
  • Fall Semester - May 15 through June 10
  • Spring Semester - September 1 through October 10
EHRD 203Foundations of Human Resource Development3
EHRD 210Legal and Ethical Environment of Human Resource Development 13
EHRD 372Learning and Development in HRD 13
EHRD 374Organizational Development 13
Select 6 credit hours from the following:6
Applied Human Resource Development in the Workplace 1
Applied Learning Principles 1, 2
Principles and Practices of Leadership in Human Resource Development and Technology Management
Globalization and Diversity in the Workplace
Conflict Management and Dialogue 1
Total Semester Credit Hours18

EHRD 203 required with a grade of C or better.


Writing or Communication Intensive course.

Students must make a grade of C or better.

Students must have completed 60 hours to register for 300/400-level courses.