Engineering Systems Management - Certificate

In many areas of government and industry there is a significant need for undergraduate engineering students that possess the requisite knowledge and skill sets pertaining to engineering systems management in addition to their basic engineering discipline. With the rapid acceleration of technology through innovation on a global basis, industries recognize the need for young engineers who possess base line knowledge in areas of management and an understanding of the system level of complex engineered systems. This certificate program includes a set of courses to assure students develop this knowledge and skill set.

ISEN 442Organizational Systems3
ISEN 440Systems Thinking3
Select two of the following:6
Space System Design
Process Dynamics and Control
Engineered Environmental Systems
Linear Control Systems
Power System Operation and Control
Design of Mechanical Components and Systems
Petroleum Production Systems
Business Information Systems Concepts
Business, Government and Society
Survey of Management
Survey of Accounting Principles
Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering Design
Facilities Design and Material Handling
Advanced Data Analytics for Industry
Total Quality Engineering
Total Semester Credit Hours12