International Engineering - Certificate

Advances in communications and transportation technologies coupled with a historical trend of nations moving towards market economies have made it possible for companies to function using the best locations and resources no matter where in the world. The resources available are of a wide variety including money, state-of-the-art technologies, know-how and scientific discoveries, raw materials, components, and human resources. An effective engineer in this global environment is one that complements his/her core technical knowledge with excellent cross-cultural competence and international exposure. The certificate program prepares graduates for positions in multinational companies and foreign organizations.

For additional information, contact the International Engineering Certificate coordinator or Engineering Academic and Student Affairs, Engineering Activities Building B, (979) 845-7200.

Required Courses
Language Component (at least 200-level course) 13
Internationalization Component 26
Global Engineering Design Component3
Select one of the following:
Global Engineering Design
Design course in an engineering department with a significant international component
Internatinal Experience Component 33
Total Semester Credit Hours15

Three credit hours of at least a 200-level course in a single language (excluding English). Students could place out of this course with AP credit  or by showing proficiency by exam. These courses can be taken in outside the U.S. However, immersion language to gain this basic level of language learning will not count for the international experience.


To be selected from approved International and Cultural Diversity courses. At least one course must have significant focus on international diversity.


Individualized and approved by the College of Engineering. May be satisfied by an approved study abroad program, international internship, directed study or  research experience, or another approved course or field experience. The minimum time period to be aboard is one summer term. Students are encouraged to go abroad in programs that are appropriate to their academic and career objectives.