Spanish - BA

A Spanish major provides students with language skills that translate into a practical tool for use in our increasingly bilingual landscape, whether this be Texas, the American Southwest, one of the many areas in the U.S. with large Spanish-speaking populations, or beyond our borders where over 400 million Spanish speakers reside. Above the practical aspect of the major, students of Spanish acquire a rich view of the world in which we live. Focusing on analytical and critical thinking, as well as cultural awareness, our students are prepared for graduate studies in Spanish and professional schools (medicine, law, business), and for professions in fields such as education, business, human resources, research, government, social service, tourism, journalism, and translation. To enhance their career options, Spanish majors are encouraged to seek out a complementary minor or second major/degree, to create even more opportunities after graduation. Similarly, students can also complete an internship that will provide practical hands-on experience.

The Spanish major consists of 33 hours of major coursework plus 38 hours of general supporting electives. The 33 hours are divided into 6 lower division hours (Spanish 201 or 221; 202 or 203 or 222) plus 27 hours that are equally distributed among Spanish language or linguistics (9 hours), Spanish literature or culture (9 hours), and approved related electives (9 hours). At least 9 of these 27 hours must be in 400-level Spanish courses. The 38 hours of general supporting electives can come from any of the university’s offerings and may be taken as a minor or part of a second major. To underscore the focus on cultural awareness and to support the achievement of increased linguistic proficiency, our major requires a 10-week minimum experience abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. This experience abroad can be in a formal academic setting, through an internship or other comparable environment.  For cases where study abroad is not possible, a student may petition that an internship or service learning project be used instead.

SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3
or SPAN 203   or Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers 
Select three of the following:9
Oral Expression
Advanced Grammar
   or Advanced Grammar for Heritage Speakers 
Spanish Composition
Business Spanish
Spanish for the Sciences
Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
Hispanic Linguistics
Hispanic Sociolinguistics
Topics in Hispanic Linguistics
Select three of the following:9
Hispanic Culture and Civilization to the 18th Century
Hispanic Culture and Civilization: 18th Century to Present
Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Spanish Literature to 1700
Spanish Literature from 1700 to 1936
Spanish-American Literature from 1492 to 1821
Spanish-American Literature from 1821 to 1935
Hispanic Film
Contemporary Hispanic Society and Culture
U.S. Hispanic Writers
Hispanic Culture through Art
Spanish Language Poetry
Contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American Literature
Topics in Hispanic Literature
Topics in Hispanic Culture
Select nine semester credit hours from the following: 19
HISP-related courses (see HISP-Related Interdisciplinary Courses table)
College and University Requirements
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric3
Select one of the following:3
Writing about Literature
Technical and Business Writing
Public Speaking
Communication for Technical Professions
Argumentation and Debate
Literature in English6
Life and physical sciences9
Creative arts3
Social and behavoral sciences6
POLS 206American National Government3
POLS 207State and Local Government3
American history6
International and cultural diversity 3
Free Electives 439
Total Semester Credit Hours120

33 hours required. Spanish majors are required to complete a credit-bearing 10-week minimum semester-long study or experience abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Study abroad options include University-sponsored, reciprocal, affiliated, and independent programs. Selection of location and type of experience abroad should be made in consultation with departmental advisors. For students who are unable to study abroad, an internship may be used instead. This option is available only with prior approval by the Spanish advisor.

HISP-Related Interdisciplinary Courses

ANTH 308Archaeology of Mesoamerica3
ANTH 445Studies in African Diaspora3
ENGL 336Life and Literature of the Southwest3
ENGL 338American Ethnic Literature3
HISP 362/ENGL 362Latino/a Literature3
FILM 405/EURO 405European Cinema3
ENGL 351/FILM 351Advanced Film3
FILM 401National Cinema History3
GEOG 323Geography of Latin America3
HISP 201Current Issues in Hispanic Studies1
HISP 204Spanish and Spanish American Literature in Translation3
HISP 205Don Quixote and the Other Arts3
HISP 206Food in the Hispanic World3
HISP 352Hispanic Literature and Film3
HISP 362/ENGL 362Latino/a Literature3
HISP 363Borderlands: U.S. and Mexico3
HISP 474/RELS 474Diversity Lessons from Medieval Spain3
HIST 304Mexican-American Frontier to 18483
HIST 305Mexican-American History 1848-Present3
HIST 307Latino Communities of the U.S.3
HIST 319U.S. Immigration and Ethnicity3
HIST 321The Age of Revolution in the Atlantic World3
HIST 322History of the Iberian World3
HIST 326History of the Caribbean to Emancipation3
HIST 341Latin America to 18103
HIST 342Latin America Since 18103
HIST 343Inter-American Relations3
HIST 440Latin American Cultural and Intellectual History3
HIST 441History of Mexico, 1821 to the Present3
HIST 449History of Brazil, 1822 to the Present3
HLTH 236Race, Ethnicity and Health3
IBUS 459Latin American Markets3
INST 332Second Language Instruction and Assessment3
INST 334Assessment of English Language Learners3
PHIL 283Latin American Philosophy3
POLS 304Latino Politics in the United States3
POLS 323Political Systems of Latin America3
POLS 362Latin American Political Thought3
POLS 423U.S.-Latin American Relations3
SOCI 317/AFST 317Racial and Ethnic Relations3
SOCI 337International Migration3
SOCI 403Sociology of Latinos3
SOCI 404/RPTS 404Sociology of the Community3
THAR 201Introduction to World Theatre3
Any course, including 489 Special Topics, with 33% Hispanic focus