International Certificate in Cultural Competency and Communications in Spanish

Students who complete this certificate will be functionally bilingual and able to perform linguistically in a culturally sensitive manner within the biomedical environment. A required study abroad will allow students to gain experiential knowledge, expanding their cultural sensitivities and functionality in a foreign environment. Because of limited resources, the program will have a cap on the number of students admitted. All courses in the program must be completed with a grade of C or better. The certificate will be awarded upon completion of a BS degree in Biomedical Sciences.

To earn the certificate, students are required to complete:

SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I 13
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II 13
SPAN 300/SPAN 400 level course of the student’s choice 23
3 credit hours of area studies from an approved course list 33
Minimum of 2 credit hours in a medical communications Area 42
BIMS 485 52
An international experience approved by the Biomedical Sciences Program 6
Total Semester Credit Hours16

SPAN 221 and SPAN 222 are acceptable substitutions, when taken abroad, for SPAN 201 and SPAN 202.


Prerequisites apply.


The certificate was designed with the student’s required Texas A&M Core Curriculum in mind. Many of the courses on the approved list will count as a language, philosophy and culture, creative arts, or social and behavioral sciences. It is up to the student to compare the two lists and to work with their academic advisor to choose courses appropriate to their degree plan.


It is suggested that students enroll in this course after the completion of at least SPAN 201 or equivalent. For course options, see academic advisor.


This course is a specific section of 485 that requires shadowing in the biomedical environment while using the Spanish language.


This requirement may be satisfied by an approved study abroad program.