Food Systems Industry Management - BS

The Bachelor of Science in Food Systems Industry Management is a program that focuses on the application of chemical, physical, and engineering principles to the development and implementation of manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution technologies and processes for food products.  This includes instruction in food engineering, food preservation and handling, food preparation, food packaging and display, food storage and shipment, and related equipment and facilities design, operation and maintenance.  The program capitalizes on the food system supply chain from the post-harvest to table perspective.  It is a unique and integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics degree program with an interdisciplinary approach with equal input from Agricultural Systems Management, Food Science and Technology, and Agricultural Economics.  Students will be prepared in four core competency domains and participate in high-impact experiences to integrate knowledge across discipline areas: (a) operate and manage food processing, storage, and distribution systems; (b) perform systems analysis and management of food processing, storage, and distribution systems; (c) perform economic analyses on food processing, storage, and distribution systems; and (d) effectively manage and utilize large databases and information systems.  Students can choose directed electives in specialize areas and will complete two capstone experiences and an off-site internship as part of the degree requirements.  For more information, visit