International Opportunities for Students

Education Abroad Programs Office

Texas A&M University is committed to providing access to high impact international opportunities for all students. The ability to engage successfully across cultures and the development of international leadership skills and global awareness are crucial for success as graduates enter the work force and commit to lifelong learning.

The Education Abroad Programs Office provides access for all Texas A&M students to a broad range of transformational and international experiences lasting from one week to an academic year.  Last year, over 5,500 students participated in study, intern, volunteer, and research opportunities in over 100 different countries. Our office also contributes to the development of on-campus experiences that foster cultural awareness.

Students are encouraged to visit the Education Abroad Programs Office, located on the 1st floor of the Pavilion, any weekday from 8 am – 5 pm for additional information.  It is also important to consult with your academic advisor to identify courses to take abroad.

Faculty-led Programs

These are programs led by a Texas A&M faculty member and students receive A&M credit.  To find the most recent faculty-led program offerings, visit

Exchange Programs (REEPs)

These programs give students the opportunity to enroll and pay tuition at Texas A&M but “switch places” with counterparts at foreign institutions.  Students can find both university-wide exchange and college-specific exchange programs at

Intern & Volunteer

Students have a variety of options for credit or non-credit intern or volunteer abroad programs.  Students can find opportunities through Texas A&M offices and students organizations as well as third-party affiliate providers at


Texas A&M University faculty engage in research in many foreign countries. Students who join faculty on research programs overseas, or who develop independent research opportunities, must register with the Education Abroad Programs Office.  Learn more at

Transfer Credit and Supervised Direct Enrollment

Students may opt to pursue a study abroad program through one of our third-party affiliate providers.  Please check with your academic advisor to determine courses that can transfer and visit our website to learn more at

Another option is to direct enroll at a foreign university as a non-degree seeking student to study.  In some cases, your faculty advisor or academic department may have an existing collaboration with a foreign university.

University Locations Abroad

Many Texas A&M partner organizations offer international opportunities to students. Students can check the Education Abroad Programs Office search engine to locate such experiences or contact their academic departments about programs and locations they recommend. In addition, Texas A&M has a research and education center in Costa Rica.

The Soltis Center for Research and Education in Costa Rica

The Soltis Center for Research and Education in north-central Costa Rica was established in January 2009 to support research, education and outreach in Costa Rica and throughout Central America. The unique physical and cultural setting of the center provides students and faculty with research and educational opportunities in tropical ecology, civil engineering, ecosystem sciences, geosciences, public and rural health and agricultural economics.

Funding to Go Abroad

Federal and other financial aid may be adjusted to accommodate for extra costs associated with credit-bearing international experiences.  Students interested in exploring funding options should discuss this with your academic department, your study abroad advisor, and Scholarships & Financial Aid.  Learn about scholarships and financial aid available through Texas A&M, locally and national, and from affiliate providers at   

On Campus Engagement in International Opportunities

Students don’t have to go abroad to take advantage of international opportunities offered by Texas A&M. Students who remain on campus are encouraged to participate in many options available including the following:

Students should consult their department and college advisers for additional opportunities to engage in global education on or off campus.