Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Physics

The Applied Physics program offers students the opportunity to receive a PhD while focusing on areas of research outside of those covered by the traditional fundamental physics program. The interdisciplinary curriculum for this degree includes a core of foundation physics courses plus a selection of graduate courses in associated science and engineering fields relevant to a particular student’s area of research specialization.

PHYS 601, PHYS 603, PHYS 606, PHYS 607, PHYS 615, one graduate-level course in Classical or Quantum Physics (see graduate advisor for options) and four elective courses, chosen in consultation with the student's committee, with the exceptions of PHYS 666, undergraduate courses and PHYS 685, are required to complete the PhD in Applied Physics.

As part of the training of the graduate student pursuing the PhD in Applied Physics, the Department of Physics and Astronomy recommends that all students serve as teaching assistants for at least two semesters.

Steps to Fulfill a Doctoral Program