Geology - BA

The Bachelor of Arts in Geology provides students the skills to understand Earth systems and the interactions between human societies and Earth processes.  The BA degree is designed for students who will use a foundation in geologic knowledge in careers such as environmental law, science journalism, non-profit organizations, business, K-12 science education, resource management, sustainability, environmental monitoring, conservation, public health, public policy, and public service. The B.A. in Geology also allows students to build an interdisciplinary degree combining geology with other disciplines, such as biological, anthropological and social disciplines in preparation for interdisciplinary graduate work.

Students will supplement their geology coursework with courses from a disciplinary theme that aligns with their career goals. Disciplinary themes are elective courses designed to prepare students for professional programs and employment in careers that would benefit from a solid geological and STEM foundation. Theme courses may be combined with additional electives to form a minor in other programs, however, completion of theme courses does not in itself confer a minor. With the exception of the Business minor, application to most minor programs is made through the department that houses the minor. The BA degree requires a minimum of 18 credit hours in a disciplinary theme. Themes not listed can be approved in consultation with a Department of Geology and Geophysics Faculty Program Coordinator.