History - BS

Students who wish to major in History do so because they understand that the problems of the present are fundamentally rooted in the choices made by past peoples. History majors, therefore, do not memorize names and dates. Instead, they are detectives, busily scrutinizing and actively interpreting the historical record for a deeper understanding as to why the world looks as it does and how our society might be improved. And in doing so, history majors acquire a number of practical skills that many different employers look for in job candidates. Our majors become experts in both written and oral self-expression, argumentation, and advocacy. In addition, history majors acquire the skills necessary to conduct thorough research, assess evidence, and effectively present one’s findings. It is no wonder, then, that historians go on to succeed in the fields of education, law, law enforcement, public service, consulting, and business, among many other careers. In today’s global economy, there is persistent demand for job candidates familiar with diverse cultures and points of view. History majors, who take courses specializing in countries and regions around the world, are ideally positioned to succeed in such a job market. This is particularly true of majors who take advantage of our department’s numerous opportunities for study abroad.

The BS in History differs from the BA because students are generally not required to earn foreign language credit. Instead, they are asked to complete additional credit hours in a variety of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. BS degree candidates will be offered fairly wide latitude in selecting their STEM courses, but should consider enrolling in classes that align with their particular historical interests and prospective career paths. Many emerging fields in science, technology, and health are seeking employees who combine a working knowledge of STEM concepts with the enhanced analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills gained within history classrooms. A BS in History will help mold students who satisfy that growing demand.