Philosophy - MA

The Master of Arts (MA) in Philosophy program is conceived as a terminal degree aimed at two purposes:

First, to enable professionals and advanced students from other disciplines to complement their training with systematic study of the philosophical concepts most relevant to their specialty.

Second, to enable students who may have come to the study of philosophy late in their careers, or who are returning to academic pursuits after pursuing other interests, to continue to enjoy the personal enrichment of philosophy and/or to prepare themselves for doctoral studies at Texas A&M or elsewhere.

Two options for obtaining the MA in Philosophy are available: a non-thesis internship option and a thesis option. Students interested in applying their philosophical skills to other environments, such as education, medicine, law, the military or business, may arrange a professional internship in addition to taking 30 semester hours of coursework. Individuals who choose to write a master’s thesis must take at least 24 semester hours in addition to their thesis research. Depending on their background, applicants may be required to take particular undergraduate courses in order to enhance their program of study.