Hospitality, Hotel Management and Tourism - BS, Event, Tourism and Recreation Management Track

Through a four-year degree, the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality, Hotel Management and Tourism will prepare professionals to manage organizations and innovate change in a diverse and expanding field. The degree provides an industry-responsive curriculum with a focus on experience design and implementation, management of organizations and human capital, data-driven decision-making, service quality, marketing, risk management and financing of programs/services. Courses are offered in person, with some also available in distance formats. 

The leisure experience industries continue to evolve and expand. University graduates who desire to work in the expansive hospitality and tourism industries require a knowledge and skillset that address the experiences people seek and the financial understanding required for economic viability. The hospitality industry (e.g., attractions, restaurants, resorts, hotel lodging) has become a major part of people’s leisure, supporting tourism as one of the world’s largest industries.