Doctor of Philosophy in Construction Science

The Department of Construction Science offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Construction Science. The PhD program is designed to a) prepare construction scientists to carry out effective research and inquiry in science and technology, and to advance the body of knowledge in construction, b) prepare construction managers with advanced business skills to be practical leaders in construction and construction-related industries, and c) serve the academic needs of colleges and universities, qualifying graduates to teach in related programs, which is responsive to the requirements for employment for many construction education faculty positions.

The program offers three concentration areas:

  • Construction Management
  • Smart Construction
  • Sustainable Construction

These three concentration areas address the diverse expertise and training needed to tackle new construction problems and advance construction knowledge. Thus, prospective students may range from those who have extensive experience in construction to those with various educational and professional backgrounds such as architecture, engineering, technology, business, urban planning, and others.

Applicants for the PhD program in construction science are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in related disciplines.