International Studies - BA, International Commerce Track

The BA in International Studies (INTS) is an interdisciplinary degree that combines linguistic and regional expertise, with specialization in a sub-field specific to the track.

International Commerce Track

The International Commerce track combines a basic set of courses in business practice with a broader set of courses in international economic and social theory. Students choose their coursework from a list that spans multiple colleges across the university. It provides students with a well-developed understanding of the interconnectedness of global commercial systems.

Principle objectives

  1. To guide students through the complex cultural, social, political, and economic stakes of global interdependence.
  2. To assure a measurable proficiency in a foreign language.
  3. To assure regional cultural competency through a structured and integrated abroad experience.
  4. To provide a historical dimension to current conceptions of globalization.


The degree plan consists of a combination of INTS core courses, with electives tailored for each track, area studies courses in the region corresponding to the student's foreign language choice, foreign language courses, and at least one long semester or 10-week summer study abroad or other approved international program with an emphasis on cultural and linguistic immersion.