History - 5-Year Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in History

The Department of History offers a five-year joint degree program that provides qualified students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Arts in History. This program allows students the opportunity to earn both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in a shorter period of time and at a slightly lower financial cost. In this program, the undergraduate degree requirements are modified in an effort to prepare students for the more rigorous masters-level coursework. The BA/MA is designed for students who would like advanced training in history for their future careers. At the completion of the degree, students are well-prepared to apply for doctoral programs in history and related humanities, teaching positions, and other forms of employment.

Undergraduate students interested in this program are to apply during the spring of their junior year. If admitted, they begin taking graduate-level courses in the fall of their senior year. Please note that the BA/MA program represents a rigorous and intellectually demanding curriculum, and carries a heavy course load. Applicants should have a solid grounding in basic history and a strong interest in advanced historical study. Only qualified students will be selected for admission.