Master of Science in Entomology

The Department of Entomology offers a Master of Science degree in Entomology. Within this research-based program, subject matter areas include arthropod ecology, biological control, integrated pest management, molecular biology, physiology, genetics and toxicology, plant resistance, systematics, and urban, medical/veterinary, and forensic entomology.

Students come into the field of entomology with diverse interests, science backgrounds and career goals. Students are able to tailor their education and research interests for this degree program with the help of their major advisor and advisory committees.

Specific course requirements in entomology are dependent upon previous training and professional experience. Students are expected to demonstrate mastery in three of the core knowledge areas of 1) Insect Biodiversity, Systematics, and Insect Evolution; 2) Insect Ecology; 3) Insect Physiology, Toxicology and Insect Genetics; and 4) Applied Entomology.

A student's graduate degree plan will be designed in consultation with their major advisor and advisory committee. Prospective students are directed to the Entomology Department website for additional information.

Steps to Fulfill a Masters Program